Do I have to make a reservation?

Booking in advance is highly recommended! We do allow walk-ins, but when our customers book in advance it helps cut down wait times, and assures your lane!

What do I wear?

Just wear something comfortable and non-restrictive! We have even had axe throwers in their wedding gowns.


Will someone teach me to throw an axe?

Yes! Each and every thrower will get a safety briefing, demo, and instruction from one of our trained "AxePerts".

Our staff will make sure you get as much or as little help and instruction as you would like!

Do you serve drinks?

We are BYOB (Wine and beer only), and a Bring your own food facility! Lots of our customers have been known to bring in pizza or to-go food from their favorite restaurant! We also have food trucks on site from time to time!

Cold drinks and snacks are available to purchase as well.

Is there an age minimum? Are spectators allowed?

Ten years old is our minimum participation age with parental consent and supervision.

Spectators are always welcome with a signed waiver. In the case we are at max capacity, axe throwers come first.

Can I throw an axe at a pix of my exe or boss?

No! As funny as it may can be considered a terroristic threat. However, you can throw axes at words, zombie cutouts, silhouettes, and stickers as long as they don't harm our axes!

Can I bring my own axe?

Of course! As long as it is approved by one of our staff members. We will also have custom axes available for purchase as well.

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